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PGAP / Individual rehabilitation

We are now a certified PGAP provider.  The Progressive Goal Attainment Programme is an evidence-based treatment program for reducing disability associated with pain, depression and other chronic health conditions.


Who would benefit from PGAP?

PGAP is a 10-week structured programme aimed at facilitating participation in activities of daily living with the goal of enabling an individual to return to work.  The service is offered to an individual who has sustained a musculoskeletal injury or who has a mental health condition, which affects his or her participation in everyday tasks and who remains off work.  The focus of the programme is to assist the individual with setting goals and improving function through a step-by-step guided activity programme. 

Services aimed at:

  • Insurers
  • Medical aid companies
  • Employers / Corporate
  • Occupational Health Companies


A screening is undertaken to determine whether the client would be a suitable candidate for the programme.  The programme runs for 10 consecutive weeks and a weekly meeting with the occupational therapist is scheduled.  The client receives a workbook with tasks to complete during the programme.