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Functional Capacity Evaluation

This rigorous evaluation comprises of an in-depth interview and the use of standardised and non-standardised tests to determine whether an individual is fit for work and future capacity for work.  It further provides information regarding rehabilitation potential and possibility for improvement in overall level of function.  


Who requires a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

A functional capacity evaluation is used to determine capacity for work and can be used to establish whether an individual is able to return to work, as well as potential for improvement in function through rehabilitation. This evaluation is based on the Matheson protocol and can be used to assess physical, cognitive as well as mental health function and furthermore provides information on effort and reliability. If an individual shows work potential, the results from the FCE can assist with developing a return to work plan, with clear guidelines to the employer and the employee with regards to possible work modifications and a return to work timeline.  

Services aimed at:

  • Insurers
  • Employers / Corporate
  • Occupational Health Companies
  • Individual Rehabilitation


The evaluation is scheduled to take place at a meeting room in Cape Town. Fieuw Occupational Therapy offer remote services to clients who are unable to travel to Cape Town. 

The comprehensive report includes:

  • Information on the individual’s physical, cognitive or mental health function and ability for work.
  • A brief job demands analysis.
  • Reasonable accommodations needed to facilitate return to work.
  • Rehabilitation potential.

FCE’s are aimed at assessing the impact of injury or disability on function for work. The Matheson protocol is an international standard for FCE’s and are used with success in South Africa, the United States, Canada and, the United Kingdom. 

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