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Case Management

Vocational rehabilitation case management is an ongoing service for a specific time period to assist both the employee and employer during the transition period of returning to work. The occupational therapist provides guidelines with regards to implementation of the graded return to work plan, with adjustments made according to the individual's progress and the needs for the business.  


What is case management?

Case management is a collaborative process whereby services are assessed, planned, implemented, coordinated, monitored and evaluated in order to meet an individual’s health care needs. This ensures quality and cost-effective outcomes. As a case manager, a service is provided for individuals and employers who require ongoing support in order to facilitate return to work, or where co-ordination of services are required to ensure that an individual’s health care needs are met. Furthermore, assistance is offered with regards to implementing a graded return to work plan and reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

Individual case management is also available to ensure that an individual's health needs are met through coordinating a rehabilitation plan. This collaborative process involves establishing services and resources available and implementing a plan to ensure quality cost effective care, and monitoring and evaluating the services provided.  

Service aimed at:

  • Insurers
  • Employers / Corporate
  • Occupational Health Companies


Occupational Therapists play a leading role in case management. Once a mandate has been received for a specific number of sessions or time period, case management services comprise of an initial assessment to establish goals for ongoing support. Depending on the mandate, an assessment of the home environment, psychosocial needs, and any barriers to full recovery can be undertaken. Notes on intervention are accurately documented in the case file, with progress reports provided to the referrer.